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Exact Cash Triton RL1600 – The Easy Solution

Meet the most affordable, entry-level, feature-rich, off-premise ATM – the all new RL1600 – offers more than any other ATM in its category. With a 640 x 480 resolution color display, standard configurations for TCP/IP communication capabilities, standard PCI Compliant Encrypting PIN Pad, and a robust Windows operating system for faster transactions – the RL1600 is packed with many extras normally reserved for machines twice its price.

The Triton RL1600 is a remarkably high value solution for retailers looking to boost cash sales, potentially operate several ATMs affordably, as well as, for financial institutions interested in expanding customer touch points with offsite ATM placements. A reliable, affordable ATM, the compact RL1600 was designed to maximize valuable floor space while providing many valuable services to both ATM owners and customers. Advertising and screen customizing capabilities allow ATM owners to create their own coupons and marketing messages – maximizing customer loyalty and driving traffic to their locations.

Packing a lot of power into a compact area, the low maintenance Exact Cash Triton RL1600 ATM delivers reliable performance and state-of-the-art security features.

Features of the Triton RL1600 ATM:

• Transaction Screen – Standard 5.7″ VGA color screen guides the user through transactions. Customizable display screens can be tailored to your individual business needs.

• Card Reader – Dip style card reader comes standard with EMV (Europay-Mastercard-Visa) smart card reader. Eliminates the risk of customers forgetting their card in the machine.

• Receipt Printer – customizable coupons and receipts can be dispensed, resulting in increased in-store purchases.

• Keypad – Visa Encrypting Pin Pad (VEPP) with Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) security ensures the highest level of data security for you and your customers.

• Cassette Option – Talaris MiniMech cassette with a capacity of up to 1,000 notes

Options, Dimensions & Specs of the Triton RL1600 ATM:

  • Wired or wireless communication
  • ATM Topper
  • Manual or electronic lock
  • Width : 405mm (16″)
  • Height : 1245mm (49″)
  • Depth : 405mm (16″)
  • Weight : 63 kg (140 lbs)
  • Power consumption : 2.0A @ 115 VAC at 60 Hz

Together, Exact Cash and the Triton RL1600 deliver a simple solution with unparalleled service and customer satisfaction. Contact us today for more information about the purchase of this popular ATM.


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