The easy, reliable way to make cash more accessible to your customers!

ATMs for Bars and Restaurants

Your patrons expect your restaurant, bar or lounge to have an ATM.

With an Exact Cash ATM for your Restaurant or Bar, you benefit from a professionally managed ATM program that will increase customer satisfaction and improve your patrons overall experience.

At Exact Cash, we deliver solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs. We will match your restaurant or bar with the right ATM, coupled by exceptional service and support.

We know that providing access to cash in your establishment is very important. Many patrons prefer to tip in cash and when a large group wants to split their tab, cash is the preferred way to go. Your Exact Cash ATM will provide a reliable, private and secure method for your customers to access cash at your establishment.

It’s important that your ATM is always ready to serve your customer. We monitor your machines cash reserves in real-time to ensure maximum uptime.

Exact Cash – A Smart Decision

An Exact Cash ATM installed on-site means more cash in your customers wallet:

Fact: Patrons stay longer and spend more when you have an ATM installed on-site.

Fact: An Exact Cash ATM creates an additional passive revenue stream for your business.

Fact: By Utilizing the ATMs couponing feature you can encourage your customers to visit more often.

Let us help you find the perfect solution for your restaurant or bar

We can customize the solution to suit your specific business needs

Find out why many of the ATMs for Restaurants and Bars in Canada are managed by Exact Cash. Let us apply a proven model for the placement of your ATM to ensure maximum visibility, uptime and usage. We will help you maximize your profits by leveraging marketing strategies such as on-screen advertising, couponing and signage.

Best of all…Expect No hidden fees, No Complex Contracts and only the best ATMs, service, support, and expertise from Exact Cash!

For the perfect ATM solution and Exceptional ATM Service and Support, contact Exact Cash today!

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