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ATM Machines for Grocery Stores, Generate Additional Revenue

Busy Grocery Stores always have concentrated levels of traffic at checkout

That is precisely why the presence of an ATM is integral to your business model.

Fact: An ATM generates more revenue per square foot than any other item that can be placed at your store front.

Exact Cash will custom tailor an ATM Program specific to your unique needs and requirements. Whether you need an ATM for a single grocery store, or multiple locations, we will create a scalable solution that can grow as you grow.

Exact Cash – Grocery Store ATM Specialists

Exact Cash Grocery Store ATMs are deployed in Major Grocery Stores chains across Canada.

4 ways Exact Cash ATMs can help your business prosper:

Select the optimal placement area to ensure maximum ATM usage without blocking traffic.

An ATM is a value-added service. Providing extra value to your customers gives them one more reason to choose your business over the competition.

An ATM provides a necessary backup to credit and debit card processing.

On-screen messaging allows you to communicate new features and promotions to your customers.

Let us craft the perfect solution for your Grocery Store

From ATM Direct To Complete Competitive Advantage.

We’ve developed an ATM solution that allows you to outsource all aspects of the ATM management process to Exact Cash.  This includes services such as maintenance, transaction processing, and cash management.

At Exact Cash we’ve built a reputation around our company’s expertise in managing, maintaining, and loading ATMs.  Some smaller retailers opt to manage their own services, however this eventually can become an inefficient use of time and resources.  This is why many larger corporations outsource their ATM kiosk management obligations to a trusted company like Exact Cash.

When you outsource to Exact Cash, not only do you increase efficiencies, you secure a competitive advantage against the competition.

For the perfect ATM solution and superior ATM Service and Support, contact Exact Cash today!

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