The easy, reliable way to make cash more accessible to your customers!

Hotel & Motel ATMs – Increase Spending on Value-Added Services.

Your hotel, motel or inn aims to establish optimal customer satisfaction for your guests.

One way of strengthening customer satisfaction is by providing your guests the access to an ATM.

ATM’s not only offer an added convenience for your customers but they also benefit your company.

It’s a well known fact that cash is still the preferred method of payment for small purchases and gratuities. Therefore, if you can guarantee that your customers have access to cash, you can directly influence and increase spending on your value-added products and services. Consider placing an Exact Cash ATM in your lobby, near your gift shops, snack bars, or vending machines.

An ATM at your location means customers don’t have to go elsewhere to find cash.

Exact Cash ATM – A Smart Decision

An Exact Cash ATM at your location means more cash in your guests wallet:

Studies have shown that having an ATM influences the way customers spend money on your value-added services.

Increase customer satisfaction with fast, reliable, and accessible ATMs.

Advertise promotions and added features to your guests about upcoming discounts or free stays.

Benefit from an extra source of income from having an ATM on site.

Let us help you find the perfect solution for your Hotel & Motel

Exact Cash ATMs – Making Cash More Accessible

Exact Cash ATMs ensure your international guests can access their cash.

As recognized experts in the ATM industry, our goal is to foster long-term mutually beneficial relationships with hotels, motels and inns. We will custom tailor a low- cost, worry-free program specifically for your business.

As travellers, we tend to reassure ourselves that we have enough cash on hand only to realize that we need more.  Our ATM’s can provide access to the Cirrus and VISA Plus networks and dynamic currency exchange.  Cater to your international guests by ensuring they can access their funds through an Exact Cash ATM.


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