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ATM’s For Sports, Recreation, and Community Centres

From National Sports League Arena’s to local little league recreation centres….
From amusement parks and bowling alleys to concert venues and theatres…
You supply everything they need to stay entertained. But when they run out of cash, we can promise you that they will not be amused if they cannot access more of it.

Let Exact Cash manage the ATMs at your entertainment complex! By deploying ATMs throughout your sports facility, we ensure that your patrons can access their cash whenever they need it. With an Exact Cash ATM the fun never stops!

Add more value for your customers and take advantage of the different on-screen messaging and couponing features that can be tied into your current entertainment offering.

Heavy-Duty High Volume Exact Cash ATMs

The Exact Cash ATMs placed on your premises are Heavy-Duty High Volume ATMs that are able to stand up to heavy usage to ensure that your fans can retrieve cash whenever it’s needed. Exact Cash will help you decide on the optimal location for the machines and will provide a range of makes and models to ensure the success of your ATM Program.

Choose the optimal placement location for your ATMs to achieve maximum usage with out blocking foot traffic.

Improve efficiencies and maximize uptime with real-time terminal monitoring.

Keep your customers informed about upcoming events with on-screen messaging.

Retail and Bank-Grade ATMs keep the cash flowing with minimal maintenance required.

We can help you find the perfect solution for your business

Exact Cash ATMs – The Complete Package

Tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience with sport complexes, recreational facilities and special events. Speak with one of our expert account managers for a free needs assessment and consultation. We will put together a custom tailored solution that meets your specific ATM needs. We can even bring in additional support with mobile ATMs to satisfy a temporary increase in demand due to special events or festivals.

For custom tailored ATM Solutions, Sales and Service, contact Exact Cash now!

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