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Grab your customers attention by marketing through your ATM.

Marketing is all about getting your customers attention and communicating a value proposition that will cause them to choose your business over the competition.

Think about this…

When a customer uses your ATM, they are transfixed to the screen.

You have their full attention!

Now is the perfect time to promote your business by displaying promotions and specials directly on the screen.

Now let’s step it up a notch…

On every receipt, why not provide your customers with a coupon?

When done effectively, your customers will spend more and return to your establishment more often!

Exact Cash will help you formulate a campaign, so that you can take advantage of this powerful marketing opportunity today.

Contact Canada's ATM Operator to turbocharge your ATM program with Target Marketing!


ATM Screen Advertising

We can program your Exact Cash ATM screen to display custom tailored messages. Inform your customers about upcoming promotions and discounts, as well as business updates that they should know about.

Get with one of our trained account managers to create a marketing plan that will allow you to maximize the benefits of your Exact Cash ATM.


Coupons On ATM Receipts

This is one of the best ways to specifically target existing and potential customers who already know about your business. This is an opportunity to provide an upsell offer that causes them to spend more.  You can also encourage them to return to your store more often by providing a discount or free item once they collect a certain number of receipts. The possibilities are endless and profitable.

Contact Exact Cash today to find out how your business can benefit from ATM target marketing.

Custom Tailored ATM Solutions meet Targeted Marketing for your Business. Contact Exact Cash today!


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