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ATMs for Shopping centres – A Necessity

Busy shopping malls facilitate high consumer spending

Therefore, the existence of a full scale ATM program is an absolute must.

Basically, customers need quick and reliable access to cash for their purchases which ensures an optimal shopping experience.

Exact Cash will provide your shopping centre with a customized program that will meet the requirements of your individual location and ensure success across your entire ATM portfolio.

Exact Cash ATM – A Smart Decision

3 ways that Exact Cash ATMs can help you achieve success:

Selecting the optimal locations for your ATMs to ensure maximum visibility, accessibility and usage.

Monitoring your cash levels in real-time guarantees your ATM is always well stocked.

Advertising specials and promotions on-screen ensures customers are always informed.

Let us help you find the perfect solution for your Shopping Centre

Pre-planned placement for either a single ATM or multiple ATM’s deployed throughout your locations.

We’ve developed an ATM solution that allows you to outsource all aspects of the ATM management process to Exact Cash.  This includes services such as maintenance, transaction processing, and cash management.

At Exact Cash we’ve built a reputation around are company’s expertise in managing, maintaining, and loading ATMs.  Some smaller retailers opt to manage their own services, however this eventually can become an inefficient use of time and resources.  This is why many larger corporations outsource their ATM kiosk management obligations to a trusted company like Exact Cash.

At this time, Exact Cash has deployed ATMs in several shopping malls across Canada.

For customized solutions and superior ATM Sales and Service, contact Exact Cash now!

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