The easy, reliable way to make cash more accessible to your customers!

ATMs For Gaming & Casinos – Quick, Easy and Reliable Access to Cash

In order to win cash, they need to spend cash.
So, how can they get access to that cash instantly?
…An ATM!

Customers need accessible ATM’s to get cash in a hurry. If you don’t have enough ATMs, or they have to wait, well… they might just go play elsewhere.

When you partner with Exact Cash, we are dedicated to creating a successful plan of action and provide a strategy that will allow customers to access their funds quickly and efficiently around the clock.

Exact Cash ATM – A Smart Decision

4 ways Exact Cash ATMs can help you achieve success:

Select the optimal locations for your ATMs to ensure maximum visibility, accessibility and usage.

Monitor your ATM cash vault in real-time to ensure that your machine is always online.

Leverage on-screen advertising and communication options to keep your players in the loop.

Continuous service checks and telecommunication tests leave no room for downtime.

Above all, having an ATM in your Casino and Gaming establishment meets the needs of your customers. When you take care of your customers, you set the stage for your business to thrive.

Discover the perfect solution for your Casino and Gaming Establishment

The Best ATMs and a Leading ATM Operator

Exact Cash has partnered with the leading ATM manufacturers to ensure that we provide our Casino and Gaming establishments with first-rate hardware and technology at affordable rates and various purchase options. Whether you want to purchase or lease, we have the program for you.

We also offer flexible programs that meet your requirements and marketing strategies, while maximizing your profits.

For the perfect ATM solution and superior ATM Sales and Service, contact Exact Cash today!

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