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ATM Transaction Processing starts from the moment a customer inserts their bank card into the automated teller machine. In order to approve the financial transaction, the ATM must communicate with the banking network.

Here at Exact Cash, we are proud to say that no cost transaction processing is here to stay!

We offer reliable, no cost Interact transaction processing to every customer.

We process all major debit and credit cards, both domestic and international.

As a value added service, we also support many uncommon and/or international cards that can cost us a much higher fee to process. In those instances, the fee is always billed directly to the individual using the ATM and collected through the surcharge or currency exchange rate. This type of transaction typically represents less than 1% of total volume.
We process all major debit and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express), both domestic and international.

We also support many uncommon, exotic and boutique cards.
Every Exact Cash ATM comes with comprehensive maintenance coverage Canadawide.

Whenever you experience a software, hardware, or technical issue, rest assured - we will be there to help you get your equipment back online.

Please call our toll-free support line at +1 (844) 950 2867 or email us at
Also referred to as ATM Cash Loading or Cash Vaulting Services, this is where Exact Cash manages, loads and supplies the cash for your ATM.

When you leverage our cash management solution, you no longer have to worry about monitoring your cash count, visiting the bank, transporting the cash, or loading the machine. Everything is done for you as a fully managed ATM solution.
We always recommend that you bolt every ATM to the ground and in most cases, this is more than enough to deter bad actors.

However, for added peace of mind, we also offer a powerful tool to reduce theft, prevent loss and manage deployed assets. Our advanced cellular GPS asset tracking solution can be used to track down any ATM asset within minutes.

We install a small battery powered GPS unit concealed inside of each of your ATMs. It requires no external wiring or antennas, for an effective unwired attachment in a true “hide and track” fashion.

Unlike any other tracking device on the market, the batteries in this device can keep it powered for up to 5 years!

Your ATM will be pinned to a specific address on the map and as soon as it moves outside of the pinned location, the device will instantly go into recovery mode and you will be alerted.

Then from any laptop or mobile device, you will be able to track the ATM on a map to its exact location. If the asset is currently on the move, the device will report the speed that it is travelling at, making it easier for you to determine where to intercept the robber.

This solution is offered on a low monthly subscription and includes deactivation and reactivation without penalty.

Contact us at to find out more.

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